What is a Registered Agent & Why Do I Need One?

A Registered Agent, such as Corp1, Inc., acts on the corporation's behalf in the state of incorporation with the primary duties of providing a registered office address, receiving service of legal papers, and being a local contact point for the Secretary of State or other government agencies. For example, if the corporation is sued, notice would be served upon the Registered Agent, who would then contact the corporation. The Registered Agent also receives any tax notices, such as franchise tax, and forwards it to the client corporation.

A Registered Agent and office is required by the corporation laws in nearly every state (in New York, the Secretary of State acts as agent but a contact address still must be supplied for service). Corp1, Inc. can provide registered agent service in all 50 states at the very reasonable cost of $125 annually. We don't play games by baiting you with a lower initial fee only to hike it up in the following years. That fee has not changed in 30+ years and we have no intention of doing so!

If you are forming a corporation in the state where your business is located, most states allow an officer or director to be the Registered Agent, and some states allow the corporation itself to be its own agent. However, due to the potentially embarrassing situation of being served legal papers on the business premises, or the potential for these papers to fall into unresponsible hands, most businesses choose the services of a professional Registered Agent. A professional agent can also assist you with keeping your corporation in good standing, obtaining copies, obtaining a certificate of good standing/existence, and other questions relating to the maintenance of your corporation.

It is extremely important for you to keep your Registered Agent informed of your current address and telephone number so that you can be reached in the event that the agent receives official mail or service on your behalf.

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