Step By Step

1. Check The Name! Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not taking the right first step. They may open the bank account or get a business license or their Employer Identification Number before checking with the Division of Corporations AND a domain name registrar simultaneously to see if the right name combination they want is available. Don't waste time, let Corp1 check for name availability before you do anything else.

2. Check The Domain Name! Compare available corporate names with available domain names so that you get the best possible combination to effectively market your company. Businesses should not be using free, generic email domains, they do not encourage customers to use your business.

3. Form The Company - Corp1 can have you incorporated the very same day.

4. Get An Employer Identification Number - You will need this to apply for the business license and open a bank account.

5. Get A Business License - Get all applicable state and local business licenses.

6. Open A Bank Account - The bank will need all of the above information to open the account.

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