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Corp1 is your #1 referred and trusted records retrieval partner. Choose excellence and select Corp1, where efficiency meets reliability.

With offices in Delaware, Colorado, and Wyoming, Corp1 offers records retrieval coast to coast. As a Public Record Retrieval Network (PRRN) and National Public Records Research Association (NPRRA) member, we specialize in searching and retrieving records from courts and county offices for individual and corporate names. For purposes including, but not limited to, real estate closings, pre-employment background checks, investigative research, or indebtedness, this can include search and retrieval of pending suits and judgments, county, state, or federal civil and criminal cases, bankruptcy cases, O&E records, chain of title, open mortgages, current vesting/warranty deeds, and of course, corporate records retrieval. We continue to look for opportunities to expand our footprint to become the service you think of when you need something done quickly and correctly…the first time.

We understand what our clients might need in many industries, be it banking, corporate, accounting firms, law firm deals, or real estate transactions. Consequently, offer customized solutions no matter the size of the transactions. Our team and network of correspondents seamlessly navigate through the complex systems and protocols in all 50 states to bring you the information you need swiftly and accurately.

Nationwide Corporate Records Retrieval

Our team caters to businesses and legal entities, providing expedited and efficient access to corporate documents and records across the U.S.
  • Good Standing Certificates
  • Certificate of Existence
  • Certified Copies
  • Tax Clearance (for dissolutions)
  • Business Licenses in Delaware
  • Apostille/Legalizations for International use
Reach out to us for your next corporate retrieval request and experience a more straightforward way to do business.

Looking for UCC searching and filing services needed for your corporate transaction? We can help! Visit our UCC page to learn more.

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