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Many people ask: "Should I incorporate in my home state or should I incorporate in Delaware?". We really can't answer that question directly because we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. Also, there are considerations which are affected by the state in which you are based. We suggest that you speak with an attorney or accountant who is familiar with these types of matters.

Here are some facts which may be of some help to you. If you have employees or have a business storefront or distributorship in which customers visit to make purchases, then your state will consider you to be "doing business" there, and will expect you to register as a foreign corporation. Some states will expect you to collect state sales tax from your business. Delaware has no sales tax, making it a great state in which to incorporate if you sell products by phone, have a consulting business, do business over the Internet, through the mail, or by traveling. Many types of service businesses can profit from being incorporated in Delaware.

Some companies find that the best solution is to incorporate their business in Delaware, and then QUALIFY their Delaware corporation to do business in other states, also known as a Foreign Qualification. This can be done between any two states, and some companies qualify themselves to do business in many states. The price list below shows the costs for us to formally qualify your business in each state. The prices vary because each state has its own specific fees and taxes for Foreign Qualifications. You may find that the best solution is to simply incorporate in your home state, and that is O.K. - we can incorporate your business in the state of your choice!

Corp1, Inc. can assist with qualification to do business in any state. Our complete price schedule includes all minimum state and county fees, service fees, and the annual registered agent fee for the first year. Not included is the cost of obtaining either a Certificate of Good Standing (showing that you are current with state taxes) or a Certified Copy of documents from the state of incorporation if necessary to qualify as a foreign corporation. Requirements vary by state, and costs for these documents may vary greatly from state to state. Call us for an exact price.

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