Corporate Kit

Corporate Kit (a/k/a Minute Book)

The Corporate Kit is usually a 3-ring binder or padfolio which includes a corporate seal, stock or membership certificates, stock transfer/sale ledger, sample minutes, bylaws, resolutions and blank paper for recording minutes of meetings. This is a very helpful tool to remind you to keep proper records of your company’s transactions and meeting minutes to help protect your personal liability.

You have multiple choices, however Corp1 recommends one of these three:

*NEW E-Kit Corporate Kit

This is a NEW ELECTRONIC kit best for those who keep everything on a computer and no longer want hard-copy paper kits. There are two options in the E-Kit:


This kit includes:

Printing Instructions

By-Laws or Operating Agreement

20 Certificates

Recording Stubs

Basic Seal

Back Wording Files

Stock or member Ledger

Company name file to insert in your own binder

Basic E-Kits are only $75 (add $65 +/- depending on country) for international shipping)


This E-Kit includes everything in the Basic E-Kit above plus:

Higher end seal image on certificate

1 separate seal file in JPG format

On screen certificate issuing

Adding signatures to the certificates

1 blank fillable stub sheet

Gold E-Kits are only $80 (add $65 for international shipping)

Folio Kit Corporate Kit

This new innovative corporate kit provides a unique European design that allows you to add pages without compromising the integrity of the binder. The inside cover has our exclusive pocket to hold additional papers, CD and 2 Business Cards. Only available in Burgundy at this time.

ExecuKit Corporate Kit

padded sewn case to ensure a safe place to keep all your documents. The Name of Incorporation is engraved on a brass plate affixed to the face of the binder. Inside front and back covers have pockets to hold additional important papers. Available in Black.

Traditional Paper Corporate Kits are only $80 (add $90 for international shipping). Call or email Corp1 for additional information or to place your order.

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