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Corp1 is a document filing and Commercial Registered Agent service company. We'll help you choose which is right for you and take care of everything you need in the process.

Our Specialty: Delaware Corporations

Why incorporate in Delaware?


  • Corrine
    Thanks for asking but I could not ask for better service than what you give!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jen
    Hi Kelly. I just want to tell you how great it is to work with your teams. I love the responsiveness, knowledge, and expertise they all provide, and they do so with the cheery demeanors.   It is a pleasure working with your firm. Thanks.
  • Edith D.
    hope the president (and the entire executive team) of your organization reads this message!  It was nice to see on your website that this business is women and veteran owned and even NICER to have a PHENOMENAL customer experience with Emilie LaPlante.   I needed to find a registered agent for my two businesses in Colorado and she helped me to do that quickly, efficiently with poise, and professionalism.  I was impressed with  the fact that Emilie was "empowered"  to make swift decisions about pricing.   I also enjoyed how Emilie made an "authentic human"  connection with me over the phone within seconds signaling that my businesses would be in GREAT hands.   It is employees like Emilie who create BRAND distinction for companies.  Emilie should be rewarded and recognized for her performance.   Go Corp1 for hiring and retaining such outstanding talent!
    Edith D.
    A wildly satisfied customer
  • - Chris Meyers, Business Development Executive
    "Kelly runs a world-class operation that is incredibly efficient, talented and acutely sensitive to customer service. We've had remarkable success in using Corp1 and Kelly's team to establish a number of Delaware C-Corp's for our international clients from Portugal with little, if any trouble and it's been incredibly cost efficient and trouble-free for all of them. It's been delightful knowing and working with Kelly and Corp1. We'd gladly refer more clients to her as time goes on."
    - Chris Meyers, Business Development Executive
    Feynman Center for Innovation/
  • - Patrick Richie, President
    "[Corp1] Kelly is by far the best at incorporating businesses - professional, timely, and a great person."
    - Patrick Richie, President
    Outdoor Innovations, Inc. - Design and Installation
  • - Chad M. Julius, Automotive Executive & Photographer
    "Kelly is one of the strongest and best professionals I have had the honor of working with. Her presence comes in education and her great knowledge proceeds all that she has and will do. You rock, Kelly."
    - Chad M. Julius, Automotive Executive & Photographer
    CMJ Consulting Services, LLC
  • - Herb Konowitz, Vice Chair Downstate Delaware
    “Kelly is a detailed oriented person who knows her product. She has been a tremendous help to me in advising my clients through SCORE Delaware” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
    - Herb Konowitz, Vice Chair Downstate Delaware
    SCORE - Service Corps of Retired Executives Association
  • - Al Paoli, Director
    "Kelly is an extraordinary woman, leader, and humble servant with the expertise to listen, connect, plan, take action and execute with excellence...since 2005, she has consistently exceeded expectations for referrals and many commented on her personal character, positive attitude, and impact on them as well as our community!"
    - Al Paoli, Director
    Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) for Kent County, Delaware

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