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UCC Searches & Filings/Secured Transactions

Secured Transactions, also known as Uniform Commercial Code Filings are usually filed at the state level with the business registry division.  Secured Parties (lenders) loan money to Debtors (individuals or companies) for a purchase (the Collateral).

Once a loan is closed, the Secured Party will file a UCC 1 Financing Statement in the state where the Debtor is incorporated.  With a large percentage of publically traded companies being formed in Delaware, there is a large volume of UCC searches and filings done with the Delaware Division of Corporations.  Filings can be made directly with the Delaware Division of Corporations, however searches must be performed by an authorized UCC Search Company. 

UCC Filings are only available through an authorized Online Agent.   As of December, 2015 paper filings will no longer be accepted by the Delaware Division of Corporations directly.  You must file through an authorized Online Agent.  If filing online is not an option, Corp1 can file your Delaware UCC documents and save you time and your clients money.  Filing direct on a routine priority to avoid expediting fees will take several weeks to get your filed evidence back.  Expediting options range from 1-hour for $1,000 to Next Day for $100. Corp1 can file these for you as an Approval and receive filed evidence back usually within 24-48 hours for no additional expediting fee.

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UCC Searches are only available through an authorized Online Agent.   Corp1 can perform a search and provide a list of results, with our withtout copies, very quickly.  The State fee is $50 for the search.  If there are copies (and you request them), the State’s fee is $25 to retrieve the copies plus $10 for the first page and $2 for each page thereafter (not including service fee).

Delaware documents are “black and white” and can be used as originals once received.  We would process your request and email the documents back to you the same day as your request is received – generally in about one hour – depending on the time of day it is received.

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